About us

Medici per i Diritti Umani – MEDU (Doctors for Human Rights – Italy) is a democratic and no profit organization independent of political, trade union, religious and ethnic affiliations. Medici per i Diritti Umani was founded by a group of doctors, mid-wives and others volunteers involved in an humanitarian mission with in Kichwa, Ecuadorian Andes.

MEDU was founded on 2004 in Rome with the purpose of bring health to vulnerable population and denounce the violations of human rights and, in particular, on the exclusion from the right to health.


Medu is a humanitarian and international solidarity association with the mission of:

  • bringing health assistance to the most vulnerable population in the situations of crisis;
  • promoting the voluntary commitment of doctors and other health professionals, as well as citizens and professionals of other branches indispensable for its actions;
  • developing inside the civil society democratic and participative spaces for promotion and protection of the right to health and the other human rights;
  • supporting cooperation initiatives aimed to bring out the role of local partners and to make the people protagonist of their own development.

Starting from the medical practice and in total independence:

  • points out the risks of crisis and the threats for the health and the dignity with the goal of contributing in their prevention,
  • looks for the cooperation of other partners to realize solidarity actions beyond the health line,
  • denounces and bears witness on the violations of human rights and, in particular, on the exclusion from the right to health,
  • develops new approaches and practices in public health, based on the respect of human dignity and of the different cultures of the people
  • commits itself to maintain a relation of total transparency with its donors.




executive board (2018-2020):

Marie Aude Tavoso (president),
Giuseppe Barbieri (treasurer),
Marco Zanchetta (vice president),
Micol Stivala (secretary),
Cristina Marchetti, Michele Spinicci

general coordinator:

Alberto Barbieri

administrative coordinator:

Paolo Perri

Rome office coordinator:

Roseli Petry

Florence office coordinator:

Serena Leoni

national project coordinator:

Mariarita Peca

international project coordinator:

Teresa Leone

responsabile raccolta fondi/comunicazione

Francesca Fasciani

Working with us

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